AUTOMATIC TOOL GRINDER for Jeffer Machinery Co., Ltd.

JF-400 automatic tool grinder is suitable for grinding carbide knife tools, finger jointer cutter and grooving cutter knife tools.

Jeffer Automatic Tool Grinder JF-400 is developed to reduce labor time by allowing users to regrind their tools quickly and accurately, and is designed to ensure the highest grinding quality is achieved. JF-400, the Full carbide tool grinder,can be used to grind carbide cutter, router bits precisely.   Not only this auto Tool Grinder is featured the advantages of simple operation and has reliable performance at an affordable price, but also it is the ideal solution for mass production manufacturers, medium-sized suppliers and hence best suited for small series production. Furthermore, Jeffer Machinery also provides an Optional attachment for this carbide tool grinder-Helical grinding attachment (manual grinding), which is obtained patent in Taiwan (Patent no. 346475).The finger jointer cutter is optional attachment, too.

Model JF-400
Grinding capacity Solid cutters (dia. x W) Ø300mm x 250mm
Router bits shank Ø3 - 19mm
Work table (max.) 400mm
Grinding wheel size (diameter x bore) Ø175 x 20mm
Speed of grinding wheel 3,000 R.P.M. (60Hz)
Motor Grinding wheel 2HP
Cooling system 1/8HP
Automatic table Hydraulic motor 1HP
Dividing head servo 400W
Grinding wheel up & down 1/3HP
Machine size (L x W x H) 1400 x 1120 x 1730mm
Packing size (L x W x H) 1600 x 1440 x 1900mm
Net Weight 1,050kg(2310lbs)
Gross Weight 1,300kg(2860lbs)
  • This is a machine fully automatic controlled.
  • It is superior machine, which is easy to operate and can save manpower. Grinding just needs setting once.
  • It could be used to grind carbide cutter, router bits and finger jointer cutter very precisely .
  • It owns automatic feeding, withdraw and dividing.



The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. without notice.

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