CNC Disk Eroding machine for PCD tools for Jeffer Machinery Co., Ltd.

automatic cnc disk eroding machine for pcd tools
CNC Disk Eroding machine for PCD tools
  • ROUTER Machining
  • Pre-milling cutter Machining
  • Saw outer diameter spark machining
  • Saw blade of tooth side spark machining
  • Sae blade of special tooth top spark
  • VCUT Machining
  • Full cutting edge PCD blade anchor chamfer
  • Intergrated diamond dresser tool holder
  • DD C-axis(BT40/ BT50)
  • Rotary head / Ceramic spindle / Probe
  • Linear Roller Guide / Full-closed loop feedback

Technical spec.

close loop cnc servo controlled axes

X axis travel 400mm with linear scale feedback

Y axis travel 300mm with linear scale feedback

Z axis travel 300mm with linear scale feedback

C axis for tool index 0~360 deg

A axis for electrode angle -120 ~120 deg


Rotary electrode

Outer diameter max. 125mm

Thickness (worn) min. 10mm

Bore diameter 60mm and 32mm


Rotary electrode spindle

Rotational speed 10 ~1000rpm

Dielectric pump delivery rate 50 l/min

Dielectric tank capacity approx. 100 l

Connected load 5.0kVA

Dimensions 2540mm x 2090mm x 2400mm

Weight approx. 3800kgs


.Automatic electrode trimming and compensate.

.Five axes cnc servo controlled with high precision reliability.

.Automatic touch probe for profile detection.

.Super fine erosion circuit up to 0.2u Ra roughness.

.Automatic saw blades top tip edge detect function.

.Erosion oscillation mode for better surface finish.

.Automatic extinguisher for safety consideration.



Pre-milling cutter

PCD Saw blade outer diameter

PCD side


Trimming cutter

Profile Spark

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