CNC WHEEL TRIMMING MACHINE for Jeffer Machinery Co., Ltd.

With digital measurement and NC transmission system, you can locate and inspect the process in sight ...

‧Digital measurement and NC transmission system

‧5-axis CNC control

‧Automatic and manual wearing compensation system

‧Optional grinding wheel wearing compensation system

Wheel cutter equipment

JF-A1 Wheel cutter grinding machine

JF-T1 Plating through hole grinding machine

NANO CUTTER Submicron cross-cut machine

Digital inspection and measurement system


Digital inspection and measurement system

‧EWAG online digital measurement

‧ EM/EW online digital measurement

Diamond / CBN Wheel Spindle On request    
Diamond / CBN Wheel Max. Diameter ø250mm    
Diamond / CBN Wheel Min. Diameter ø80mm    
Diamond / CBN Wheel Max. Width 50m/m    
Diamond / CBN Wheel speed 100~1000 R.P.M.
(continuous various speed)
Diamond / CBN Wheel motor 1.5Kw (2HP)    
Diamond / CBN Wheel Left – Right movement (X axis) 160mm   Servo
Diamond / CBN Wheel Front – rear movement (Y axis) 130mm   Servo
Diamond / CBN Wheel arc size ø0.1 ~ ø 60 mm Software
SIC grinding wheel dimension ø250 x 13 x ø31.75 mm    
SIC grinding wheel speed 200 ~ 2000 R.P.M.
(continuous various speed)
SIC horizontal oscillation speed 0 – 3 m / min (adjustable)    
SIC horizontal oscillation movement 0 – 70 mm (adjustable) DC Brushless Servo
SIC grinding wheel motor 0.75 kw (1 HP)    
Rotation arc 182° Servo Servo
※ Standard machine base is for SS41 welding, optional FC25 casting available.  
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