Erosion machine for machining the tooth top of PCD-tipped circular saw blades for Jeffer Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Erosion machine for machining the tooth top of PCD-tipped circular saw blades

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Model ASG-800ER

close loop cnc servo controlled axes

2 x for tooth feed (X, Y-axis)
1 x for rotary electrode in feed (Z-axis)
1 x for electrode trim (A-axis)
1 x for tooth bevel (C-axis)
1 x for oscillation (B-axis)
Automatic adjustable axes 1 x for clearance angle adjustment (W-axis)
Manual adjustable axes 1 x for saw blade positioning slide (R-axis)
Affordable circular saw blades dimension Outer diameter from 120 to 800mm
Tooth pitch from 6 ~ 100mm
Erosion path length 25mm
Clearance angle 5º ~ 45º
Hook angle 0º ~ +40º
Bevel grind top angle 5º ~ 45º
Bevel grind face angle 0º ~ 30º
Rotary electrode Outer diameter max. 125mm
Thickness (worn) min. 10mm
Bore diameter 32mm
Height 23mm
Rotary electrode spindle Rotational speed 10 ~ 1000 R.P.M.
Dielectric pump delivery rate 50 l/min
Dielectric tank capacity approx. 100 l
Connected load 5.0 KVA
Machine size(L x W x H) 1950 mm x 1600mm x 2100 mm
Net weight (approx.) 2000 kg (4400 lbs)



  • Automatic electrode trimming and compensate.
  • Full cnc servo controlled with high precision reliability.
  • Dual servo controlled tooth push mechanism. 
  • Super fine erosion circuit up to 0.2u Ra roughness.
  • Automatic saw blades top tip edge detect functions.
  • Automatic electrode thickness detect functions. 
  • Erosion oscillation mode for better surface finish.
  • Dual extinguisher loop for higher safety consideration.
  • Support both Graphite and Copper electrode. 



The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. without notice.

Please kindly contact us to make sure to get the information up to date.

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